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Magyar Telekom

The largest telecommunications service provider and one of the largest companies in Hungary, providing ICT services for residential customers, SMEs, enterprises, governmental and institutional clients since 1991. Matáv, the predecessor of the company, started share trading in Budapest with part of its shares offered on the market in November 1997, up to then the largest share subscription in Hungary.


The management structure of Magyar Telekom is designed to enable the company to exploit the new, innovative service and business opportunitiesby responding more flexibly to changes in customer demand and to market challenges, and to serve its customers in a high-quality, state-of-the-art and efficient way. The Magyar Telekom Group’s international member companies are operating in the markets of the South-East European region as integrated and alternative telecommunications service providers.




WING is the leading property development and investment company in the Hungarian real estate market, and one of the largest privately-owned Hungarian real estate developers. We are committed to creating value through projects of high architectural quality, which contribute to the development of the built environment.


During its almost 20 years of operation to date, the company has carried out Hungarian real estate investments totalling more than EUR 500 million in value, and its real estate project portfolio spans a total area of some 800 000 sq m. As a unique character of the domestic market, WING achieves continuous development with success, regardless of market conditions. The company’s business lines include real estate development, investment and portfolio management, and services related to real estate.




With a targeted approach, Codecool is a company educating computer engineers suitable for the realistic demands of the labour market. Thanks to the advanced training process and the highly practice-oriented coaching the firm provides both adequate theoretical and practical background for candidates applying for the class – with modern devices, in good mood, led by mentors experienced in the field of programming, as part of a selected team.


The programming training firm was formed in 2015 soon after it identified current trends, which currently has offices in Budapest, Miskolc, Krakow and Warsaw. Founders of Codecool had previously established or led multiple successful information technology companies, from the beginning of Hungarian startup scene until now. The founders’ aim, with the help of targeted education, is to achieve the best international programmer training possible.



KÉSZ Group

KÉSZ Group is one of the largest construction companies in Hungary. Its successful international expansion, market independence and sector-shaping role highlight it out of the domestic competitors. Thanks to its wide portfolio of services and its own resources, KÉSZ can respond in a complex way to the emerging construction and economic needs of the service, not only in Hungary but also in international markets. The KÉSZ Group ship steel structures to almost everywhere. With subsidiaries in Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Serbia, they are also permanently represented in Germany, one of their most important target markets. They are also active in Azerbaijan and overseas as well.


KÉSZ aims to become one of the leading companies in the CEE region, achieving real international successes as an independent Hungarian group of companies, who, thanks to their background and their spirit, represent the domestic values of the company across borders. An important objective is to identify the KÉSZ Group as a Hungarian equity investor on the market due to its successful international activity.




As a Hungarian manufacturer, Wellis is a dominant and stable leader among the European wellness equipment manufacturing and distributing companies. The company’s main products are jacuzzis, hydromassage tubs, shower cabins and infrared saunas, which not only serve as important accessories to bathrooms and the gardens, but as considerable function in maintaining health. The company applies 21st century automated manufacturing technology.


Besides household orders, Wellis pays special attention to projects, public life and every accomodation, health centers, beauty salons, fitness clubs, thermal baths and other public locations aiming to provide guests an ideal wellness unit for recreationa and relaxational purposes. Since their establishment in 2003, WELLIS products have found steadily increasing popularity throughout Europe as more people change to a healthier lifestyle and demand high quality personal wellness equipment in their homes and gardens.