The date of the most recent modifications of the terms of accessing market data, the actual schedule of fees, the discount policy, regarding the fees of our market data can be found at the following links below:

Future price changes related to accessing data will be published by BSE at least 90 days in advance of the modification. The last day of Schedule of fee modification is 2020. 01. 01. 

Information on the content of market data, including the number of covered assets, the total turnover of the covered assets and pre/post trade data ratio are shown in the following tabel.

Information concerning other type of data in addition to the market data can be found at the links below:

BSE provides the attached information about the methodology of pricing, including the applied methods of cost accounting and allocating direct and variable joint costs and fixed joint costs between the production and distribution of market data and any other services provided by BSE.

Prices of market data are based on the cost of production and distribution of data. The profit margin provided on a reasonable commercial basis added to the actual costs is determined by taking into account the return on revenue, return on costs, return on operational assets, the return on equity and market conditions.