Exchange membership is a contractually arranged legal relationship acquired upon fulfilling the conditions set forth in the General Terms of Service of the BSE Plc., Book Three - Regulations on Exchange Membership and following the procedures described hereunder. Section members acquire the rights of membership and the right to trade in their given Section.

Exchange membership is granted upon the conclusion of an exchange membership agreement between the Exchange and an exchange member.

The following section provides a list of the securities that can be traded on the BSE:

  • equities section: equities, investment funds, compensation notes
  • debt securities section: T-bills, government bonds, mortgage bonds, corporate bonds, international bonds
  • derivatives section: equities and index futures and options, currency futures and options, interests rate futures

within the derivatives section:

    • futures market
    • options market

or another grouping:

    • equities and index transactions
    • financial transactions
  • commodities section: commodities, commodity futures and commodity options

within the commodities section:

    • spot commodity market
    • futures commodity market
    • commodity options market
Budapest Stock Exchange

Equities section

Debt securities section
Commodities section Spot Commodity Market  
Futures Commodity Market  
Commodity Options Market  

Derivative section

Futures Market or another grouping: Equities and Index Transactions
Options Market Financial Transactions

Who can apply for membership

  • in order to perform the actions necessary when trading stock exchange products, the person handling such trade must have the appropriate legal licence to perform said action in the equities section, in the debt securities section, and in the futures and options markets of the derivatives section, as well as in the spot, futures and options markets of the commodities section;
  • commodity exchange service provider in the spot, futures and options markets of the commodities section;
  • cross members in sections covered by the relevant agreement on cross membership.