Solid and predictable income

1.  BSE trading and market data businesses having constant flows of income.

2.  BSE listing and maintenance fees provide a recurring and stable level of income, which has increased in recent years thanks to new issues.

3.  Two-third of the business sales revenue of KELER is correlating with the change in the Hungarian government debt.

Diversified results

1. The results of BSE are related to capital markets.

2. At the same time the majority of KELER Zrt.'s profit is related to government securities, and it also realizes significant interest income on government securities.

3. Furthermore, 2/3 of KELER KSZF's clearing activities are related to energy and gas markets.

Growth opportunities

1. Internationally underdeveloped bond and capital market offers opportunities for organic growth.

2. Regional cooperation between stock exchanges and repositories holds further potential for development

3. Launch of new businesses and services such as ESG, indices, private markets or crowdfunding.

4. The current committed and experienced management, which has already taken several steps to develop the capital market (BETXtend, BETXbond, NfTA, BÉT50).