Exchange trading takes place in sections, at present there are four such sections:

  • equities section,
  • debt securities section,
  • derivatives section,
  • commodity section.

For the list of the products included in these, see Products and Services at the top menu.

Acquisition of the exchange membership and the trading licence

The exchange membership and the trading licence can be acquired simultaneously, the prerequisite of the acquisition of the membership is that the candidate acquire also the trading licence at least in terms of an instrument group at the same time. Later on of course it is also possible for the member to extend its activity in other instrument groups.

The acquisition of the exchange membership and trading licence takes place on the basis of an application submitted to the Exchange, prepared in accordance with the Regulations on Exchange Membership.  Detailed information on the process of acquiring membership is provided in Guide for becoming a member.

Exchange membership and trading licence are not transferable.

The following players can acquire trading licence:

  • in order to perform the actions necessary when trading stock exchange products, the person handling such trade must have the appropriate legal licence to perform said action in the equities section, in the debt securities section, and in the futures and options markets of the derivatives section, as well as in the spot, futures and options markets of the commodities section;
  • commodity exchange service provider in the spot, futures and options markets of the commodities section;
  • cross members in sections covered by the relevant agreement on cross membership.

A list of exchange trading members is provided in the List of Exchange Members.


Trading companies participate in the trading on the exchange through their traders. Upon a written request from the trading company, the Exchange records a trader complying with the requirements of the Regulations on Exchange Membership after the receipt of the documents required for the registration of traders, by recording on the list of traders.